Frequently Asked Questions



1What is a Haustainer?
It´s a home inside a 20 feet (6 Meter long) ISO certified overseas shipping container. Haustainer uses the strength and durability of a container thus making it secure from any natural calamity. It has all the features of a smart, passive house. Nothing need to be disassembled in case of moving it from one location to another. Design, room management, insulation, smart technology and multi-functional furniture make it the one and only product of its kind in the market.
2Why only 20 feet container?
Haustainer was designed, keeping the minimalist philosophy in mind so this size was chosen. Moreover, they can easily be transported by container ships, trucks and trains. Especially the final installation can be done by fork-lifter – normally no crane is required.
3No additional cuts – why?
Haustainer maintains the basic structure of the container intact, so that shipping these units across the globe can be done without any complications.
4Will my Haustainer rust?
Haustainer is made using “corten steel” shipping containers which has a corrosion retardant rust process – it´s a process of deterioration which begins to protect the steel underneath. With proper care and maintenance there won´t be any problems of rust.
5In which countries Haustainer will be available?
Haustainer will be sold via internet web page and theoretically shipped worldwide. There can be limitations due to united nations regulations of embargo and/or war zones.
6How to order a Haustainer?
Haustainer can be ordered online in a few weeks time on this web page itself.
7Where to put Haustainer?
It´s designed to be put both ON- and OFF-GRID locations. The off-grid version will come with an additional storage container which contains all the solutions to live away from civilization. Normally a building permit isn´t required as it is a pre-fabricated home. What you will need, is the permission from the landowner or relevant authority, depending on where you choose to locate your Haustainer. Check that first with your local authority and/or your country´s region´s regulations.
8How does the order process work?
Online, only via the up-coming online web shop. If you have any questions, we are here to help you out with everything. The Haustainer Online shop will come online at the end of April 2017. The main part is to pay before we are starting to really produce YOUR own Haustainer.
9Is the payment refundable?
There will be some days of organization and planning phase, time for you to reconsider your ordering. Within that time frame your payment will be nearly 100% refundable. After that we will start building your Haustainer in the factory and from that moment we will not able to refund your money. Charges that would lower the amount of payment returned, such as PayPal or other fees, may apply. And the refund process may take up to 30 days
10What´s about regulations as fire, security and electrical?
The Haustainer is designed to meet all the necessary safety regulations and/or certifications in the specified countries of sale.
11Is a user manual available?
Sure. An extensive manual will be provided with every purchase of a brand new Haustainer.
12From which port Haustainer will be shipped?
Haustainer will be shipped from the port of Hamburg to your nearest sea port. From there, it will be transported to your location of choice.
13Shipping costs?
The costs of shipment to your nearest sea port can be roughly calculated on the given link. We guide you to the best shipping company to reach your closest container port. When your container has arrived, you take care of the costs of transportation of the container to your final location. You are also responsible for all documentation fees and duties but you will be fully assisted by our international freight forwarding and shipment partners for smooth operations.
14What´s about Insulation in Haustainer?
Insulation in Haustainer works perfect in temperatures ranging from minus 15 to 50 degree. From a frozen cold winter with snow and ice to desert kind of conditions – your Haustainer will take care about everything. Warming, cooling and air freshening … everything in that specially created design from specialists to have the most comfortable and healthy room climate possible.
15How to move the Haustainer?
Haustainer is as easy to move as any piece of furniture. The 20 feet container has special slots for the fork lifter to fix in and move and place it on a truck or a trailer.
16Which kind of site preparations are required?
Theoretically – very less preparation. You can keep Haustainer on the plain ground, but with that you may risk some functions or early rust. Your perfect solution will be found in coordination with our service and maintenance team. Stacking on each other, fixed on pillars, a flat roofed multi story house or just on a trailer, everything is possible. We recommend that your Haustainer is fitted on the ground connected to 4 long piles for strength, alignment and safety. Only on that sockets your Haustainer can withstand storms and earthquakes. It´s also necessary to keep all connections in place before hand.
17What is the delivery time of my Haustainer ?
Haustainer will be shipped direct from our factory within 2 months after ordering. Further information about the exact delivery date will be discussed with the buyer and is based on their timeframe. All potential buyers who have paid online will be contacted personally to walk through the process. You will be updated on a regular basis about the production of your Haustainer.
18Where is Haustainer based?
It´s a product of “MAHI HOMES” in Germany, Hanover (expo city in 2000).
19Do you offer a customized Haustainer?
No, we are trying to focus on best designs with multi-functional usage which makes Haustainer, at the end, the perfect product for a huge number of buyer. We are trying to keep this path and serve with unbeatable price calculations.