About Haustainer




Our Story

Haustainer is the dream project of an Indo-German couple based in Hannover, Germany. Both are avid bikers, adventurers and travellers who lived out of their suitcases for many years in their corporate life. Took a break from corporate world for the birth of their first child and settled down in ancestral property in Wennigsen, Hannover. Embarked upon the idea of a movable home while living in big cities across the globe and missing home and the things that make a house a home. The challenges of shifting from one city to another in a short span of time and moving the things and comforts of a home everywhere they go, forced them to think deep about a home which can be transported anywhere.

Their idea got cemented when they had to live in a huge historical property which was difficult to maintain and forced them to spend all time,energy and money on it rather than pursuing hobbies and interests.

This is the story which many can co-relate with. We spend a lifetime building a home which has more space and things than we require. We spend almost three fourth of our income either paying mortgage for house or renovating or decorating it forgetting that small house means great peace and big house means more stress especially in big cities.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to transform the real estate structure of the world by converting a 20 feet shipping container into a home. A home which is smart, simple, sustainable and super easy movable.


Our Concept

Green Living and Thinking

Haustainer believes in living and thinking green. All the materials are used sustainbly. From container to insulation to components used in interiors can all be reused. Use of traditional clay insulation lets the house breath naturally and maintains the right level of humidity and temperature inside the house. Use of smart features ensures that energy is utilised in an efficient way.

No Barrier of Location

Haustainer can be put in any location of your choice and can be easily moved across continents as it is a home in a shipping container where the basic features of a container are kept intact. It can be moved by road, rail or ship to the place of choice. Almost no disassembling is required as these are independent plug and play units.

Minimal Living

Haustainer promotes the concept of minimal living. Haustainer is a small and simple house which means less stress, clutter free environment, minimal maintanence and more time for things that matter more. Haustainer allows you to live life as you want on your own terms.

Smart Engineering and Architecture

Haustainer is a product of smart engineering as every cubic inch is designed in such a way that no space is wasted. The room management is the key feature of design and architecture. From front door to multifunctional furniture to use of smart systems everything makes this house a comfortable place to live.